Welcome to Richard Williams Chiropractic Family & Sports Care.  Dr. Williams utilizes several manual adjusting techniques.  The knowledge of different techiques means that if one does not work for you then another might.  It also is beneficial for people that have been to another chiropractor so that Dr. Williams can do a technique similar to the one you are used to.

Gonstead & Diversified Techniques

The Gonstead and Diversified techniques are related but not the same thing.  Dr. Williams uses his experience and the information obtained from the patient's history and spinal exam to determine which technique to use and in some instances both.  Gonstead and Diversified are manual techniques, meaning the use of the hands.  It is Dr. Williams' belief that the Gonstead technique delivers a much more specific adjustment which is ideal for patients dealing with a more serious issue, such as prolapsed disc or individuals in severe pain.  Dr. Williams prefers to use the Diversified technique for his wellness patients and for those that are dealing with less serious issues, such as correcting minor subluxations in areas that need to be loosened up.

Logan Basic Technique

The Logan Basic technique is a highly specialized low-force technique.  It is only taught at Logan College of Chiropractic.  Dr. Williams not only learned the basic version of the technique but also elected to learn the advanced principles.  The Logan Basic technique is designed on the principle that we are all built from the ground up.  By holding a single contact at the base of the spine, a Logan Basic practitioner can correct issues in the entire body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.  This technique can benefit everybody; however, it stands above all others when used on children with scoliosis, infants with colic, and patients that cannot take the force of normal hands-on manual adjusting.  It is also an outstanding choice of techniques for women during pregnancy when combined with Webster technique.  Logan Basic stimulates normal movement in the hips by freeing up locked joints and relaxing muscles that lead to a easier birthing process for both mother and child. 


Dr. Williams has a number of therapies at his disposal to help assist in your treatment.  Some doctors advertise the therapies as a main form of treatment, but that is a misconception.  These therapies are only researched and tested to be an adjunct to the main source of treatment, which is adjusting in a chiropractors office.

Laser Therapy

Laser is one of the youngest therapies on the market but it is making great leaps and bounds as an adjunct therapy to chiropractic.  It is working well with helping decrease pain and speed up recovery time.

Electrical Stimulation

Most people are familiar with this therapy.  It is commonly reffered to by patients as "the shocking pad thing".  Though it is similar to a TENS unit, the machines in a doctor's office is much more powerful and has greater effects.


A great therapy that uses sound waves to create a deep heat in the body. Ultrasound has been useful in pushing out inflammation and decreasing pain.

Intersegmental Traction

There are several types of traction devices on the market that different healthcare professionals use.  The intersegmental traction table provides the ability to create a gentle traction while simultaneously incorporating motion into the spinal joints.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Dr. Williams is a big advocate of rehab exercises.  Dr. Williams informs all of his patients the following statement:

"I can only do so much for you so I need you to help me, to help you.  When I give you exercises, I need you to do them because they will only help.  The patients that take a long time to heal are the ones that don't follow the rehab exercises that I recommend."

At Richard Williams Chiropractic, we have a rehab facility equipped with helping patients learn and do their rehab exercises.  As a patient, you can be guaranteed that you will see this room.


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