“I have received constant help and encouragement from Richard Williams Chiropractic Family & Sports Care in Bethlehem. I have severe degenerative disc disorder and have seen positive changes every visit since October 2013. This chiropractor has a knack for understanding the problem and how to help relieve the pain. Certainly good advice was in my going to this good man. Not only do I now have relief from pain, but I have improved mobility that helps me keep my independence.”

– T. Mitchell

“Dr. Williams is, for lack of better words, a God-send after being in an auto accident. My neck and back was all messed up. He was very in tune to my needs and had me feeling better in no time. If you want a chiropractor who will get you feeling better, this is the guy to see!!!”

– B. Terry

“I have been under chiropractic care for over 30 years for chronic conditions that require frequent monitoring. When I came to Dr. Richard Williams, he gave me a series of exercises, specific to my needs, that has resulted in a greater range of movement with less pain in the neck and shoulders and both upper and lower back as I go about my daily activities. I am very grateful for Dr. Williams’ knowledge and expertise and that he can help me to live in a better state of well-being.”

– P. Little