CUHealthy Wellness Program
Tired of those diet ads and weight-loss products and spending a small fortune? Want to lose, gain or manage your weight without buying into gimmicks and products or being controlled by the numbers on the scales? Don't let BMI charts determine your weight -- they were set in 1940. Times have changed!!

The weight control plan that we offer will teach you how to obtain a lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise in order to help you feel better and live healthier. Our weight control plan offers the following:

  • Physician-guided counseling
  • In-depth body analysis
  • Individualized evaluation of metabolic and nutritional needs
  • Resources for balancing nutrition
  • Monthly follow-ups for progress and reassessment

This program is designed to help you better understand weight control and manage your weight. There is ​no contract. This program is not covered by health insurance. Call us today to start down your road to a healthier lifestyle. 828-598-0371

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your program different?

  • We analyze your body by measuring your body fat instead of BMI (height/weight charts)
  • We focus on proper nutritional guidelines. No starvation plans.
  • No requirements to purchase any products.
  • The chart below shows weight lost per dollar spent with different weight loss methods. This is why we focus on nutrition and exercise.


Weight loss programs $238/lb
Liposuction/lb $500/lb
Other Surgeries $235-400/lb
Weight loss aids (prescription or over the counter) $173/lb
Eating right $12/lb


I have used a physician-guided weight loss program before. Aren't they all the same?

  • No. Many physician-guided weight loss programs actually do not follow proper nutritional guidelines, they set you up on a program of minimal calories. They also prescribe weight loss aids and a vast array of other products. Obsolete BMI charts are used to assess your body. Though many people lose weight through these programs, most of those people gain the weight back because they have not been properly educated about weight management.
  • At Richard Williams Chiropractic, Dr. Williams has identified these problems and has set up a program that is healthier for you based on your specific needs. How you feel is more important than how you look.

My trainer or physician measures my body fat with an electrical handheld device or floor plate device. Is that what you use?

My trainer or physician measures my body fat with an electrical handheld device or floor plate device. Is that what you use?

    • No. The electrical devices are referred to as Bio-electrical Impedance, or B.E.I for short. These devices do measure body fat, however, there are too many factors involved, such as hydration levels and caffeine intake, to guarantee their accuracy and consistency.
    • Dr. Williams uses skin-fold calipers and a 9-point test site to measure body fat. Though there is still a small margin of error, the error is small enough that results are more accurate and consistent than other methods that do not require large expensive machines.

​How much weight can I lose?

  • The short answer is that depends entirely on you.
  • The better answer is that weight is not important. Body fat is the key. Depending on what you choose to do based on the recommendations given to you, you may lose weight. Or, you may stay the same weight because you lost body fat weight and replaced the lost weight with some muscle weight.